Friday, July 29, 2011

St Peters Quarter website

The site is designed to give an overview of  the St Peters Quarter Business Improvement Development process in Derby city.

A fairly small site, but uses some small modules that include blogger feed, imgbox and AJAX contact form. Works across every browser including IE6!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ten out of ten for Inten...

Inten are a company based in Hampshire who specialise in environmentally challenging services...from drain maintenance to security, to guttering to car park maintenance. We helped them develop a new client facing brochure, designed to add credibility to a fast growing company.

Walking the walk and talking the TALK

When CPiO wanted to have a new look for their newsletter, Parkhouse Evans came to the rescue! With a new landscape format, the newsletter is printed on uncoated environmentally sustainable stock. A series of 'belly wraps' were also used to differentiate each company within the same newsletter different sender, or so it seems!

The age of Aquarius

Aquarius asked us to look at developing their new branding - and here are the first set of business cards. We are working on the website and a range of other collateral.