Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The Second Annual Nick Slade Wider Cup

This golfing event is now held every year in remembrance of Nick Slade who died suddenly from cancer in early 2018. He was a Red Team member at the inaugural “Wider Cup” event in 2017.

The teams comprise four players each and the competition is played over four rounds, in matchplay format. This year the Red’s successfully defended their title, with a score that was actually closer than it appeared.

The individual completion was won by Andy Bourne - who receives the cup at a presentation lunch in December. Once again for the third time in a row, Jonny came second! (some would say that is,
at the very least, consistent).

I also created a short video of the event which you can view here

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Are You Cut out for Marriage?

CPB chairman Jon Pritchett had a problem…

He and his wife Helen were invited to a friends wedding last week.  Unfortunately Helen had already pre-booked to go to Barbados with friends, something she could not ‘get out of’.

But Jon did not want to go alone - or at least appear in the photos alone. The simple solution (apart from post production photoshop retouching!) Why not take a life size cut out of Helen with him?!

So that is exactly what we did - from a small photo we created a life size full colour digital print of Helen onto light weight foamex  - Jon simply carried 'her' around with him so that Helen could appear in all the relevant wedding photos…

The photos show Jo with ‘Helen’ prior to and after cutting out as well as Jon and ‘Helen’ at the wedding - it just look so real!

Jon comments “Worked well - incredible. Fooled a lot of people”.

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Sunday, November 10, 2019

The ParaSnow Ball 2019

The ParaSnow Ball raises money for Disability Snowsports UK (DSUK) this charity focusses on helping people with disabilities, no matter how severe, to experience skiing and snowboarding as well as fun on the snow. We call it the “Power of Powder”.

This prestigious event was held at the famous Hurlingham Club in central London. Patron of DSUK Pippa Middleton was in attendance and Jonny was introduced to her as part of DSUK’s extended team. PE Creative are proud to help and support DSUK, having helped them with their creative branding, literature, signage and graphics.

CEO of DSUK Mark Kelvin reported that over £30,000 was raised on the evening and that ‘every single penny will go to ensuring that disabled people can experience the Power of Powder”. Making for a truly successful night.

Pippa Middleton said she has been 'truly inspired' at how DSUK 'transforms lives'.

 The evening was hosted by Alex Brooker (host of The Last Leg) who not only kept things moving really well but also raised more than a few laughs…

To find out more about DSUK please visit their website here

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Monday, November 04, 2019

The RSM Mainframer

If you need to know what’s what in the world of mainframes then this is the magazine for you!

RSM wanted to share some of their in depth mainframe knowledge and it was decided to develop a newsletter style magazine. Edited by Carolyn Wojtas, RSM Mainframer aims to help organisations by providing information on current issues and how best to tackle them. We all know that the mainframe is the backbone of IT - often forgotten but always essential.

We designed the magazine to reflect RSM’s continued mainframe knowledge - giving it a futuristic look as well as making it readable and visually pleasing.

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provide the power behind every transaction.