Friday, September 06, 2019

Marco Pierre (Black and) White

On a recent trip Jonny found himself in this lovely chair, flanked by a photo of Marco Pierre White in same said chair…sharing the same buttock space is something we should all try to do at least one in our lives!

No idea why, but I just like this image.

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Led Zeppelin in Lincoln for only £4.99

In 1973, there was a huge outdoor concert helped in Lincolnshire…featuring Led Zeppelin, Joe Cocker and the Beach Boys, plus a host of other well known rock acts. The three day festival cost only £4.99 to attend...a small fortune back then I guess.

Our friend  Bernie from The Gatemaker attended this event but was unable to buy any memorabilia. So we invented this for him! By taking source images we were able to produce a ‘tour’ tee shirt - it looks just like the real thing!

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Arctic Rolls

We were asked to create an eye catching poster for the Arctic Paper brand. What else but alpine skiing eh?

These lovely limited edition posters are printed on Arctic White and add a really nice feature to any bare wall.

Most people don’t know this, but paper is one of the most sustainable products used by man. It can be recycled 5-6 times and comes from totally sustainable forestry. After all, if you are a paper mill, why would you destroy your main source of income? Paper companies are responsible for planting more trees than any else…fact!

Arctic is but one brand available from Denmaur Paper, the specialists in sustainable paper.

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Echo’s Throughout Time

This year we created a simple but effective annual report for Eckoh. Using especially commissioned photographs the report conveys a feeling of quiet authority and confidence.

We enjoyed working on this in particular as it involves a high degree of integrity and confidential processes.

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The picture show’s Viv proudly displaying the finished report!

Hip Hip Hippo

Jonny was lucky enough to play golf at the famous Formby Golf Club links last week.

The course is famous for hosting a number of very good events including the British Amateur and the Arnold Palmer Cup to name but two.

It was a windy and wet day not ideal for golf, but often is the case at a links course. Play was suspended for around 20 minutes during a downpour. I’d like to say I played well, but sadly it was a below average game for me!

One of the features of Formby is the ‘hippo’ when one of the members bequeathed a hippo to the club. The hippos was strapped to a warship and upon return from service has been on the wall at Formby ever since. Each year members play for the Hippo Trophy!

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