Monday, August 06, 2012

Ever wondered what happens when you click ‘like’ on Facebook?

Clicking on “like’ could be the best or worst thing you can do, especially if you despise junk mail or being bombarded with adverts.

Just think about it...

In a nutshell, the item you ‘like’ has a series of keywords associated with it. As soon as you hit the 'like' button, someone somewhere knows that you associate in some way this image, phrase, graphic or product. The algorithms used by Facebook’s marketing team then allows advertisers to profile each and every ‘liked’ object and as such target its marketing accordingly.

For example, as a test, I clicked 'like' on ‘Visit Tyrol’ (a page dedicated to the Tyrol region in Austria). The result is not only the feeds from that page, but also a vast array of targeted marketing adverts aimed just at me all about the area, hotels, drinks skiing etc. Its all very clever stuff – and can be of high value to users and advertisers alike.

It works and is worth thinking about  - especially if you wish to target consumers – profiling can be very specific too down to gender, age and personal status.

Assuming, of course, that none of us lie on our Facebook profiles!

Leicester Police Authority Web Site

 With the recent changes in status and formation of new Police Crime Commissioners, Police Authorities are having review change the way they operate. This includes the way they communicate with the public. 

To achieve this remit, Parkhouse Evans were asked to help devise a simple interim website solution for the Leicester Police Authority. The new ‘PCC’ site offers simple content management as well as a clean and easy to navigate site. 

In addition to this the site is designed to be scaleable, so that future information and sections can be easily added.

Visit the live site here

If you have a site that you need fast, with a quality look and feel then please call us on 01322 291141.

Summer Walks, make me feel fine…

In addition to his spooky Murder Walks, Richard Felix also offer a slightly less gruesome lunchtime walk, in and around Derby and the St Peters Quarter. 

We invite anyone to take a fresh look at the St Peters Quarter and enjoy the rich history and culture that this part of the city has to offer. 

These flyers were digitally printed and designed on a very tight budget. If your business has a tight budget you may want to cal us on 01332 291141 to find out just what great value Parkhouse Evans can offer

its murder in Derby…!

Richard Felix is famous for his Ghost Walks in and around Derby…we were pleased to be asked to produce some flyers and posters for his latest MURDER walks, taking place right here in The St Peters Quarter. 

We used some ghoulish typography and some sinister retouching to create these bloody pieces. Both the posters and flyers were printed digitally which meant that the maximum impact could be achieved at the lowest possible price. 

To find out just how little these cost to make such a BIG impact call us on 01332 291141.

Shout out!

These 'Table Talkers' for The Waterfront Pub at Barton Marina are a low cost alternative to often costly posters. Each Table Talker is displayed within an A5 acrylic display holder and allows for additional events to be included on the reverse. 

Using digital print we are able to produce low run but high quality pieces.

If your business could do with a fresh look at its marketing please call us now on 01332 291141 We are here to help!

Bedfordshire Police Authority looks to Future

When we were asked to help the Bedfordshire Police Authority with their Strategic Plan, we were reminded of the forthcoming PCC remit. As such the plan had to be designed to ensure a smooth transition to the new branding. 

As a result, the document has been created to present a simple easy to read platform for the Authority. 

If you have a brochure or catalogue you need help with then please call us on 01332 291141.

Recommended Agency Status

 We asked three clients to nominate us for membership of the Recommended Agency Register.(RAR). They duly obliged and we are proud to say that we are now confirmed as as RAR members.

With a pedigree like ours it is surprising that we were not already members. We have resisted the lure of ‘paid for’ registers for over decade, but felt it was time to  take the plunge.

Creative Director Jon Evans commented “we are already a Member of the Royal Chartered Society of Designers, so the RAR membership adds a new and valuable accredtiation to our service offering. We are looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with RAR.

To find out how being a member of either of these organsiations can help you, call us now on 01332 291141.