Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Connect - how to create loyalty and create new business

The Connect Review is a yearly design competition aimed at printers and designers in order to secure sales of paper and board.

Parkhouse Evans were asked to refresh the Review in 2002. We took the event form a mundane 'me too' vehicle to a 'must have' part of every designers folio.

The Review showcase creative design and as such had to reflect these values. We developed a focus for the event in the form of a location and awards evening. The first one was held at the London Zoo. Such was the success of the event, we got a little more adventurous. The following year we took the Review to Monte Carlo, then Spain, then Iceland then Gleneagles.

Client retention was 100% and year on year growth was sustained at around 9%. It was the case that once a part of the event a client entered every year, without exception.

The Review has become an industry event which is not to be missed - it reinforces prestige and recognition for all participants.

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The Sphinx Trails

Perhaps the most successful loyalty campaign we have been involved in. Not just for the creative but the whole atmosphere that was created by the Sphinx team.

Originally the "Trail of the Sphinx" the incentive ran for 7 years and became an 'industry event' much talked about. Each Trail allowed distributor Sphinx to engage with channel resellers and vendors alike in one exciting location over several days.

Trails were usually held over five to seven days - and included all transport, accommodation,  events and gala dinners as well as some exciting excursions including white water rafting, helicopter rides, police escorted motorcades, golf, diving, dancing and cultural experiences.

The Trail of the Sphinx - Egypt
The Trail of the Dragon - China
The Trail of the Zambezi - Africa
The Trail of the Amazon - Brazil
The Trail of the Orient - Maylasia
The Trail of the Deep South - New Orleans
The Trail of the Barrier Reef - Australia

Revenue throughout the Trial incentives increased from £21m to £100m and much of this can be attributed to the goodwill shown and customer retention gained from these prestigious events.

Holiday at the Walldives in Nottingham...

We have always loved the idea of 'trompe l'oeil and Centiq one of our favorite clients also like the idea. So much so they asked us to create a trompe l'oeil effect within their workspace. We created these large format images which give the appearance of being right next to the Maldives. A simple but really effective effect.

Each image was created as a montage with a 3D effect added to the brickwork - the Maldive images were dropped into the cut out shape and the whole image upped in resolution. Strangely, the simplest jobs often take the longest to do well and this was no exception. We wanted the bricks to be as close to lifesize as possible so as to create
a more realistic finish.

If your walls need spicing up or your office space
needs a makeover, please feel free to call us on
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Monday, March 26, 2012

Faux Film Stars

just for fun...we were asked by one of our clients to create some film posters for use in their company general meeting. Each team member has a particular favorite - all we had to do was a little bit of photoshop magic to create these quirky faux film posters!

We are often asked to create 'one offs' for our clients and these quirky jobs are usually great fun to do and always get a great response (and sometimes even a good one too!)

Each poster includes the persons name and their photograph as part of each poster.

If you'd like us to help you develop your marketing and creative strategy then call us on 01332 291141 and we'll be happy to help. You may even be the recipient of the next poster...!

Friday, March 09, 2012

Digging for Glory!
When it comes to reliable ground works, Witham Valley Civils are the team to be trusted.

The company has been established for over 20 years and has recently undergone an image makeover. Witham Valley chose Parkhouse Evans to help them because they 'wanted to get it right first time'. We enjoy that kind of challenge and delivered a new identity, brochure and website in one month - on time and on budget.

The website is compliant and validates to the W3C standard (as you'd expect) moreover, the company has already been complimented on the design. The corporate ID project entailed branding of JCBs, vans, hard hats, hi viz jackets, signage, as well as the usual stationery items.

If you have a project that requires attention to detail, speed and accuracy please give us a call on 01332 29114, we know we can help you.

Waxing Lyrical

When Lyric Lounge wanted a new website they had a long list of 'must haves'.

The wanted to be able to update the site, add events, new pictures and in short, have total control of the site, all for a very limited budget.

Of course, we were able to help - we created their new site in Wordpress - a free blog service which allows Lyric Lounge to add content to the site at virtually no cost.

This methodology does not work for everyone, as site formats can be limiting - but for a low cost solution that enables content management, it offers the short function and presence that Lyric Lounge need.

Our aim is to migrate the site to our EditThis application - which allows much simpler updates and more effects.

If you want a low cost web solution, but do not want to compromise on your design, then speak to us. We will be able to help you. Call us on 01332 291141 to discuss your needs.