Tuesday, June 11, 2019

You can't win them all...!!!

On a hot sunny day last weekend I was was delighted to win the Golfino Invitational event. Hosted by the Martina and Sandra, from Golfino Clothing, this event saw some 60 plus golfers taking on the links...

Shooting a stableford score of 41 points was a suprise - it was just one of those days when the game just 'clicked'. Those of you who play golf will know this feeling. It's very hard to replicate but gives us all hope and inspiration to play more!

After the event there was even a fashion show with some of Golfino's latest catalogue being showcased on the catwalk - if you like golf fashion then you'll love Golfino. The day ended with a delicious pizza supper and high hopes for more good golf.

So, it was with high hopes that I entered the Kedleston Park Seniors competition the following Sunday.

All was going well and after 7 holes I was only two over par, so on track for a good score so it seemed...that was until a mind blowing (in the wrong kind of way) five over on the notorious 7th!

This simple 153 yard par three over water has scuppered many a good round and mine on this day was no exception! I put two balls in the water...then after a five off the tee ended up making a soul destrying eight, thus using up over half my handicap allowance.

Just like life, golf deals us highs and lows and we should never take a good score for granted - enjoy the good times and forget the bad...!!!

If you fancy a game of golf anytime and wish to discuss your next project on the course then give us a call on 01332 291141 and we can tee it up!

The DaVinci Code

Most of us are familiar with the genius of Leonardo DaVinci - his 15th century ideas for submarines, flying machines and the like are legendary.

However, I have not seen any lifesize realisations of his ideas.

Until now.

This amazing helicopter concept was devised in the 15th century and has many similarities with modern day 'coptors. The advent of the aerofoil wing being perhaps the only key difference.

Those of us who like design cannot help but be impressed with these sketches and to see one made into a life size model is impressive. Have you seen any DaVinci inspired designs recently, why not let us know and we can share the ideas.

The Wicker (Wo)Man

Who would believe that anyone could make such a fantastic wicker rocket?

Well, not us, that's for sure, becuase we know all about the creative talents that Jo Henderson possesses!

This amazing rocket has been made for the Borrowash in Bloom community event. The rocket is over 8 feet tall and incorporates real lights powered by solar energy! It helps to commemorate the Moon landings in 1969, a full 50 years ago this September.

But Jo isnt' just a dab hand with wicker, she's also an expert in metal too - having built the legendary Sims metal robot on Mansfield road - Anyone who knows Derby will know this classic landmark, which she built in 1988...and its still standing!

If you need anything slightlly 'off the wall' then you know where to come - We can help turn even the most mundane into something creative!! Just give us a call on 01332 291141 to find out more.

Saturday, June 01, 2019


On a recent trip to Malaga I snapped this clever poster, showing a graphic of a man with a pasta scarf and pocket handkerchief.

I wish we had thought of this...I love it...then again, we don't really have any clients who do food or food related products - I guess it could work with paper...

What could be simpler?

Buon Appetito!!!