Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Save the Ocean - maybe...

When C-Fish asked us to create a brochure we did not anticipate learning so much so quickly. But when you do this job you pick up so much information - sometimes form websites, but more often or not from copy. We were shocked to see how the ocean is being eroded and fish stocks are diminishing. C-Fish aims to help deter and eliminate this depletion by putting into effect measures to enable a simple but effective ecological program.

The brochure is eye catching and has some serious messages - we would have loved to have given it a more appealing finish with a spot UV or even die cut, however,  budgets were tight and the end result works well.

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Kinky Boots...

Jo bought these kinky white boots in honor of Penelope Pitstop - this purple pussycat will be donning her best fancy dress gear on Saturday and these boots will complete the picture!

Wayne will be going as Dick Dastardly and transporting them in the Mean Machine...

Fox Trotts To the Loo

This super oil painting was spotted in the gents toilets whilst on holiday in Austria...the fox cocking its leg seems to be a poignant sentiment!

That and the fact is beautifully executed make this a great image to look at during those moments of light "relief"!

iPhone Wobblers

These funky little devices make viewing movies on your iPhone (or any smart phone, in fact) easy. Simply stick it to the back and watch away.

The wobblers can be branded too. This one is for Alcatel Lucent -  If you would like a low cost promotional gift then these are well worth considering !

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No. No, no, no!

Its not what you think! This funky picture is of a friends puppy - it's amazing how the eye plays tricks eh?

Or maybe it's just your mind working overtime !

If you want some creative photography  you know where to come!

Monday, March 10, 2014

The longest jump

This is the view from the famous Innsbruck BergEisel Olympic Ski jump.
I was lucky enough to visit this iconic venue in February and can assure everyone that it does indeed look as scary as this...!

In a twist of irony, you can just make out a graveyard above the landing location!

This is not for the feint hearted...