Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Butcher's Arms - a subtle new look

One of our absolute favorite clients is the Butcher's Arms restaurant in Priors Hardwick. This high end establishment has been serving great food since the early 70s and we have been helping them since 2008.

Recently the restaurant was acquired by Nuno Correia and his wife Allison. Nuno is well known to past guests as a member of the Butchers Arms team and we are proud to be helping him to refresh the brand. Eight years ago we helped previous owner Peter Pires to successfully update the brand.  With Nuno and Allison's help we have just refreshed the look and feel, ensuring that the Butcher's stay at the forefront in terms of creativity, look and feel.

The new collateral comprises a set of brand new menu styles (illustrated) a new website (to be launched in early 2017) and a subtly updated logo.

Sometimes all you need is an evolution to your brand. We believe that redesign for design's sake is not always a viable investment.  We'd rather help you to benefit from tangible revenue. This is our usual approach and we often challenge clients who simply want a new logo. It could be said that we are "not just about pretty pictures" but rather about building a business relationship that creates income and genuine ROI.

If your company is in need of a rebrand then give us a call  - we may advise against it! However if we think it will benefit your business then we will be delighted to help you.

Call us now on 01332 291141

SAP HANA Services overveiw

This nifty little brochure was created in a very shot time=frame especially for an event that Centiq were arttending. In fact it took no more than 5 working days to design, write, artwork, print and deliver.

The end result was well received and judging by the response the event was a success.

We often get asked to provide high quality on a short notice. To date we have never failed to deliver. In fact it we cannot do it, we'd tell you directly. Some clients like to hear the facts and they are the ones we love to work with...

In this case, we knew what was possible - its very rewarding to deliver a quality product.

If you have an urgent need for any sales literature or presentations why not give us a call on 01332 291141 and we will do our best to help.

Old Egyptian Balls

Look what I found in an old golf bag in the garage! If you remember where this ball was used let me know! One of the first balls we branded for an event in 1992!

If you need your balls branding just give us a call and we will be happy to take a look for you...

We also do all kinds of other branded merchandise too - from pens to fans to umbrellas and mugs - virtually anything can be branded nowadays. So just give us a call on 01332 291141.

Aveva Las Vegas

Or we helped Aveva to define their young Apprentices Program.

Aveva are a world class software provider specialising in the oil and gas sector. They have a career path open to apprentices and needed to promote this as an opportunity. We helped to develop this eyecatching brochure aimed at new prospects.

The brochure uses a range of imagery and has helped to put the program firmly on the map. Aveva were shortlisted for the Apprentice Program of the Year, and congratulations goes to them on this achievement.

We are hoping to work with Aveva in 2017 on more projects.

If you need a brochure, be that printed or on-line then please give us a call on 01332 29114 to discuss your requirements.

Perfect Posture...but it looks so flat!

This dynamic (yeah right!) image shows Jonny on a black piste in Kaltenbach - and yet it looks so passive, but I can tell you it was around a 43 degree steepness. The main point being how photography can be so deceptive. On TV Formula 1 cars look slow, FIS skiers look slow, and people look bigger.

Its quite amazing how the eye can be fooled.

Meeting an Olympic Gold Medalist

It is often surreal to meet someone who has reached the pinnacle of their careers. They seem so much more human and fallible not to mention smaller than anticipated.

There are a few exceptions (I once played golf with Sir Henry Cooper for a week and and he was huge!).

But last week in Austria on the Penken side of Mayerhofen I was lucky enough to meet Anna Fenninger-Vieth, the Olympic gold and silver medalist and Nicole Hosp her Austrian teammate and multiple
winner on the FIS tour.

Not only is Fenninger a superb athlete but also has a real charisma. Seeing her attach the Super G downhill course with no apparent fear traveling at 70mph is something to behold up close. It is simply amazing how she edges the skis.

To see Anna's Olympic run watch here

Friday, December 02, 2016

Whoops there goes another rubber tree...

In the last century, in December 1988 to be precise, Parkhouse Evans moved to Sycamore Avenue in Allestree (some of you will have visited "The Radius",  a 30' semi circular extension built onto the back of the house, which served as the studio before we moved to Green Lane).

Well back then our new neighbour Nigel Yockney came over with a small gift, namely a small rubber plant - around 2' tall. Well, as you can see that very plant is now some 6' tall and STILL thriving in 2016!

The plant lives in our rear reception area, which has just been refurbished and now has a home to be proud of!

A 28 year old rubber plant - its about time we gave it a name - maybe Nigel, or Yockkers, or Stretch - your ideas by email please!!!