Thursday, August 27, 2015

If you love your dog...

If you, like millions of other people love your dog, then you won't be surprised to know that the growth of 'pet sitting' has been building steadily in the UK.

A pioneer of this form of 'holiday's for dogs' concept is Spoiled Rotten Pets. Set up over a decade ago before the idea of pet sitting was barely in its infancy, Carolyn Griffiths developed the idea of exclusive holidays for dogs. She and her team have built an enviable service aimed at high net worth pet owners in the South of London.

At Parkhouse, we are proud to have been involved with Spoiled Rotten since its inception. We created the original brand and also its first website. Plus all the support collateral, such as stationery, cards, flyers and brochures.

But time does not stand still and whilst the original website was a pioneer in its field, it was time to move forward again. With history in mind, we created the latest website to be a natural development
of the original, with the added value of being responsive and much more customer friendly for pads mobiles and desktop. The site is also optimised for social media and search engines. The site is due to be launched in September 2015 and can be viewed here

The images show the old and new sites by comparison.

In addition to this we also developed a short movie which outlines the services offered by Spoiled Rotten Pets. The movie is part of an ongoing commitment we have to our valued clients to help them to grow and was offered as a complete surprise - and just part of the service we offer. View the HD movie here

It's time to prepare for the next phase of growth for Spoiled Rotten Pets as they continue to offer quite simply the best holidays for dogs to be found anywhere. Simply put, why would you put your dog in a kennel when your dog can enjoy a holiday too...?

To find out how we can make a big difference to your business please call us on 01332 291141 and we can discuss your next project. Be that big or small we aim to offer you a bespoke service second to none.

Friday, August 21, 2015

and the Oscar goes to....

Parkhouse Evans Ltd...well, we wish...!

Have you ever wondered who makes the gold envelopes used for the Oscar ceremony?

No, well neither have we. But on a recent visit to a wedding in Germany, I had the opportunity to visit the Gmund paper mill and factory shop.

It was amazing to see just how much care and attention goes into producing these hand made papers. On display was the genuine Oscars stationery. Each envelope is 'watermarked' with the Oscars logo and the paper contains real gold leaf. The gold leaf is ground into fine strands and added to the paper making process using a secret method.

If you are a bit of a paper nerd like me then you'll find all this fascinating, but if not then at the very least you'll appreciate just how important choosing the right paper can be. It is often the first impression that someone gets about you (ie our business card or letter).

I love quality paper and the paper produced by Gmund is second to none...

If you'd like a chat about paper then why not give us a call on 01332 291141 and we can discuss your next project and the paper choices you have?

Welcome to Rose - our new team member!

We were delighted to welcome Rose to the studio last week. Rose was born on 14th July and this is her first visit to the studio upstairs. Auntie Viv takes control with baby duty...Rose looks like she has an eye for detail and with a mum and dad like Richard and Sharan is sure to be artistic!

Her older brother Leo is already a creative expert in Lego construction - and it won't be long before Rose joins him!

Congratulations to Richard and Sharan from all the team!!!

What to do if business is flagging

A terrible play on words - but if you have a venue or location for an event what better way of advertising it is the classic flag. These flags for the Waterfront at Barton Marina will be on display at the venue - so watch out for them...

Viv is shown with this double sided flag - its 6 x 4' in size and is made from lightweight quick drying non-perishable fabric. The graphics are applied using a sun fade resistant inkjet process. Whist these are not cheap to produce, they do last for years and are guaranteed to flutter!!

if you want to promote a flagging brand or business give us a call on 01332 29114 and we will see if we can help you to hoist your services!

Tic-Toc Time for Eventing

A horse called Tic Toc is becoming a regular competitor on the eventing circuit and we were asked by her owner to develop a brand logo which could be used to promote both her and Tic Toc.

'Tic Toc Eventing' is the result - there were some very specific requirements - as with all logos...but in this case specific meant that the logo had to suitable for 'brushing' into Tic-tocs hair. Its a first for us - making the logo appear on a horses backside (or hindquarters as is the polite description!)

Brushing requires a template mask to be fixed to the horses body and the hair is then simply brushed up to create a 'live' logo effect. Some owners evenuse hairspray to keep the logo in place - its a high tech world...

In any event, the result look great and both horse and owner are regulars and the logo is now being recognised and commented upon within the equestrian circuit.

If you have any branding requirements, you can count on us to deliver - even if its for an unusual end use - just call us on 01332 29114 to discuss and we will be happy to help.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

He/She Pepper does the Logo-motion

I couldn't resist that pun in the headline...

I am one of a lucky handful of people to have met Pepper the robot up close. You can expect to see a lot more of Pepper as he/she travels the World on his/her whistle-stop promotional tour.

At around £4000 just imagine what Pepper can do for your event or promotion. Pepper can be programmed to guide your clients to virtually any location in your shop, office, factory or workplace. He/she can even provide detailed information about your products too.

I am thinking of ways my clients could use Pepper during the short window of opportunity that will exist before he/she becomes passe.

By the way, I use the phrase he/she because in Japan, Pepper is a boy, but in the rest of the World, she is a girl!

If you would like to know more, give us a call on 01332 291141