Monday, June 16, 2014

Jen's week - from our perspective

It's been quite a while since we had a new team member. Having Jen in for the week reminded us of just how much there is to know about our craft.

As we all do, it's easy to forget how valuable experience is and the benefits it can bring to the table. Now Jen is a bright cookie and perhaps one of the few rare talents to have come on a work experience week. (We have had a number of people who shine not to mention a few who don't over the past 25 years). So it was a delight to have her picking up new tasks quickly and without having to intervene too often. Hopefully she has gleaned some benefit from the week. From the exciting to the mundane it's what makes the world go around.

Thanks for your help last week Jen. We are sure you'll go on to make a valuable member of any team.


For those of you who have enjoyed reading Jen's blog this week, then please note that she has kindly agreed to contribute to our blog on a regular basis. It will be very interesting to see life from her perspective as she progresses through university. Jen , we look forward to your input!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday 13th...

The 'copy and paste claw'.
Unlucky for some, and depending on how they view it, the team are unlucky enough to be losing my company today as Friday 13th marks the end of my week at Parkhouse Evans.

This morning I kicked off my last day by coming up with some image ideas, and copy to accompany, for an e-shot.

I then spent a large chunk of the day 'metadating'. If you're familiar with the process you'll know it's quite monotonous. If you're not, it's the procedure of adding 'metadata', in this case keywords, to the images we have on file so that they can be found and used more easily.

As I added keywords to over 500 images today I started to develop what I have decided to call the 'copy and paste claw' from copying shutter stock keywords on to the database.

I am one of those people who actually rather enjoy having a job to sink my teeth into. So although this job was rather repetitive, I found it satisfying at the end of the day to have made a sizable dent in the images that need processing.

It is also useful to see what routine, perhaps less exciting, jobs need doing in marketing alongside the glitz of design. 'Metadating' does essentially make design work easier in the long run.

As it's the end of my week here I now pass the blog back over to the team who will continue to update you on the goings on in the studio and ways they can help you and your business.

I have enjoyed my time here and I hope those who have read my blog posts have found them somewhat interesting!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Let them eat cake, Jon said.

Jon's birthday was on Tuesday (Happy Birthday Jon!) so today we were all treated to a rather large slice of chocolate cake during lunch. Along with the sun coming out, it's been a good day in the studio today.

I'll get back to more important matters, though. The sitemap I have been working on for a couple of days was reviewed today and after making a couple of tweaks so that it included driver messaging, it was finally sent off for the client to look over.

It's great to work on live jobs rather than simply doing exercises out of a folder than gets wielded out each time someone comes looking for work experience. This way I can actually help out rather than completing jobs that don't really benefit the company.

I spent the afternoon copywriting for an e-shot. Although some have speculated that direct email marketing may be on its way out, this company had specific contacts in mind to target and therefore knew what would appeal. 

I personally think that the benefits and results email marketing can offer depend greatly on how it is used. If the target market is well know to the company and there is a clear call to action, the chances are there will be a better response as opposed to sending generic emails out to any possible contact. 

If you'd like the team to design, copywrite or advise you on any future e-shots give them a call on 01332 291141.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Third Day Lucky

Rich's wisdom has been added to the trusty notebook.
I began the day by recovering the site-map I did yesterday (see yesterday's antics..) ensuring it was comprehensive, colour co-ordinated and formatted. I considered myself a perfectionist before entering the world of professional design which takes perfectionism it to a whole new level!

I moved on to typing up a first draft of the copy for the new website's home page. I've found that copy-writing and proofreading is an aspect of my
work experience I have particularly enjoyed. Considering I have ambitions to become an advertising copywriter, this has been good news. 

Speaking of interesting copy, I spent part of the afternoon reviewing work by someone known to PE for a talent with words and producing engaging text. Reading through the work gave me a greater idea of what standard and style would be expected of me in the future.

I took these on board immediately and attempted to apply them when I was asked to come up with some catchy copy for a new brochure promoting a venue's conference facilities. 

Earlier in the day I ventured into the depths of the building to speak to Rich, the team's 'Web Untangler'. Rich gave me advice and tips on how to produce the best social media content and unraveled some of the jargon behind terms such as 'SEO'.

If you, like I did, need some advice or information on social media marketing and what it can do for your business, give the team a call on 01332 291141 to clear things up help you to make an impact.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Day Two of For One Week Only...

Today I learned the importance of importance of saving-as-you-go.

My work today has been to create a sitemap for the new website I was also working on yesterday. This has taken most of the day due to the fiddly nature of ensuring all content is included and in the right place.

Of course, I finally came to save it and the program decides to crash with nothing to show for several hours work. After much muttering, I began re-doing the work I had lost.

Despite my annoyance at modern technology (or rather my incompetence with it it seems) I eventually got the sitemap to an acceptable standard.

I also did a first draft of the copy for the home page of the website earlier, when I was more confident in my ability to finish and save on time!

All in all though, I have learned some useful skills today and even more about the world of design and marketing.

May my experience be a lesson to us all!

Monday, June 09, 2014

For One Week Only...

This week the team have the added bonus of my company.

I am Jen, an English student in pursuit of work experience and a prolific tea and coffee maker.  I had the pleasure of working at PE in the past and I’ve returned five years on to see what’s on offer this time round. Also I’m here to see, of course, what I can offer in return.

Today I’ve started work on a website project for a company dealing in building technology and electrics. Through some research (building technology is not an industry I am familiar with in honesty) I have been creating concise yet appealing overviews of the services the company provides.

If all goes well, the statements I have produced will accompany images to become interactive shortcuts on the home page of a renovated website.

Creating copy for websites is an interesting way of combining English skills with marketing; from my degree I have an idea of what makes text appealing and it has been insightful to actually apply these skills to the workplace.

It is reassuring to know that the degree I have chosen to study has its worth to the career path I wish to take.

I can sometimes feel out of my depth with marketing terms and technology though overcoming shortcomings is what work experience is all about. I am sure that as the days go by, I will feel confident in the work I have produced.

I will be keeping you up to date on the progress of the project and my musings for the day!

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

For workplace technology make Karlson your No1 choice

The team at Karlson have grown their business successfully and are now prepared for the next phase in that growth. To help them achieve this, they asked us to develop a more 'professional' customer facing website.

We worked alongside their consultant advisors to re-develop their key messaging alongside the new look website. The result is a site which not only looks more professional, but can also be updated in-house by the Karlson team.

The site is responsive to browser types and is feature rich in terms of functionality.

To visit the actual site please click here

Or if you have a site then needs refreshing or developing, please give us a call to discuss your needs on 01332 291141 and we will be happy to help.

A sad day

Last month we said our final goodbye to Shaun Saward who sadly passed away in May 2014.

Shaun was a dynamic and conscientious person.  Some of you will remember him as a helpful and respectful member of the team here. He was at Parkhouse Evans for nearly three years where he worked initially as a designer and later as a web developer. A likeable, affable young man who quickly became an integral part of the team where he developed his abilities and learned new skills.

He left the company several years ago to try to "forge his own way in the world" as he put it to me.  He did exactly that - and was making his way in the world having secured a creative role at another Midlands based creative agency, where I have no doubt, he will be missed.

Shaun, wherever you are, you'll be a 'bad boy forever' - and if you knew him, you'll know what that means.

If you would like to make a donation to Cancer Research please click here