Thursday, June 12, 2014

Let them eat cake, Jon said.

Jon's birthday was on Tuesday (Happy Birthday Jon!) so today we were all treated to a rather large slice of chocolate cake during lunch. Along with the sun coming out, it's been a good day in the studio today.

I'll get back to more important matters, though. The sitemap I have been working on for a couple of days was reviewed today and after making a couple of tweaks so that it included driver messaging, it was finally sent off for the client to look over.

It's great to work on live jobs rather than simply doing exercises out of a folder than gets wielded out each time someone comes looking for work experience. This way I can actually help out rather than completing jobs that don't really benefit the company.

I spent the afternoon copywriting for an e-shot. Although some have speculated that direct email marketing may be on its way out, this company had specific contacts in mind to target and therefore knew what would appeal. 

I personally think that the benefits and results email marketing can offer depend greatly on how it is used. If the target market is well know to the company and there is a clear call to action, the chances are there will be a better response as opposed to sending generic emails out to any possible contact. 

If you'd like the team to design, copywrite or advise you on any future e-shots give them a call on 01332 291141.

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