Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Third Day Lucky

Rich's wisdom has been added to the trusty notebook.
I began the day by recovering the site-map I did yesterday (see yesterday's antics..) ensuring it was comprehensive, colour co-ordinated and formatted. I considered myself a perfectionist before entering the world of professional design which takes perfectionism it to a whole new level!

I moved on to typing up a first draft of the copy for the new website's home page. I've found that copy-writing and proofreading is an aspect of my
work experience I have particularly enjoyed. Considering I have ambitions to become an advertising copywriter, this has been good news. 

Speaking of interesting copy, I spent part of the afternoon reviewing work by someone known to PE for a talent with words and producing engaging text. Reading through the work gave me a greater idea of what standard and style would be expected of me in the future.

I took these on board immediately and attempted to apply them when I was asked to come up with some catchy copy for a new brochure promoting a venue's conference facilities. 

Earlier in the day I ventured into the depths of the building to speak to Rich, the team's 'Web Untangler'. Rich gave me advice and tips on how to produce the best social media content and unraveled some of the jargon behind terms such as 'SEO'.

If you, like I did, need some advice or information on social media marketing and what it can do for your business, give the team a call on 01332 291141 to clear things up help you to make an impact.

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