Friday, April 13, 2018

New Branding Excites the Unions

PE Creative client UnionLine provide specialist claims services for union members across the UK. Being nationally recognised the company requires a logo style which reflects both professionalism and trustworthiness. The new brand utilises the UL element of the name as a clever device that is also be used as a social media icon and as a general graphic device.

The team spent a lot of time developing the exact font style, line weights and proportions of the various elements in order to create a clean, professional and fit-for-purpose brand identity.

The logo development is now being rolled out across newly published literature, stationery, exhibition panels as well as on-line collateral.

UnionLine said "We are really pleased with the new look and believe that this will help us to continue to take our organsiation successfully into the 21st century, Jonny and his team have done a really professional job, on budget and on time"

Jonny Evans commented "it's always exciting to work with an existing brand along with its loyalties and customer expectations and to be able to successfully help them improve and expand their reach. Both in terms of brand identity and visual appeal we are delighted that the new identity has been so well received".

One of the key remits was to ensure that Scottish law be included across the identity. To this end we developed UnionLine Scotland with the same amount of care and attention. Subtlety along with a quiet confidence underpins both brands, whilst retaining a strong link between the two markets.

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Monday, January 29, 2018

Nude in 1977 - A Good Year for Drawing?

Way back in 1977 I used to go to school with a boy named Andrew Cottingham.

He currently works at Panacea Finance and we are helping them to develop a new website. Recently he discovered some of his old school folders and this one had been defaced by yours truly in time honoured fashion!

Evident at 14, my style had yet to develop but I could wield a pen in a certain fashion...The image is a haunting depiction reminiscent of Ophelia by Sir John Everett Millai (yeah right...)

If you could see Andrew now you would not believe he could be the same callow youth pictured here...I have no idea who the girl was/is. Presumably his 'crush of the day'. If you are her then please get in touch to either confirm or deny this.

If you'd like me to do a saucy drawing of you then please give us a call on 01332 291141 and I'll get the pencils sharpened!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Kitzbuhel Krazy

Last weekend I was in Kitzbuhel for the FIS Audi Men's Downhill event. This is the skiing equivilant of the Masters Golf tournement.  The race is held on the infamous Strief course and is known locally as the Hahnenkamm-Rennen. Hahnenkamm literally translates as roosters comb primarily due to its multiple curves and shapes across the mountain terrain.

Many have tried but not many have won. The legendary Franz 'The Kaiser' Klammer is perhaps the most famous winner with four titles to his name. In recent years Didier "the Butcher" Cuche made it to three. With other winners inclusing Alberto "Tomba the Bomba' Tomba and Hermann 'The Herminator' Mayer.

This year we were all expecting a win by favorites Axle Lund Svindall, Beat Fuez or Dominic Paris. Usually the race is won by anyone wearing bibs 1 to 12...however a suprise winner was bib number 19, Germany's Thomas Dressen. You can see his amazing run on Youtube here:

Yes, its a painting...really

This great painting of Rumble is completed in oils. It just needs to dry now for another 4 months before it gets its varnish and mounting.

Not much to say other than Luke, this is awesome dude! (as he would say himself no doubt being less than half my age).

Luke Lightwood is a talented artist and tattooist who also happens to be a skier.  His art work is really quite sublime.

If you want to know more then give us a call on 01332 291141 and we will put you in touch.

When a line means so much more...

Some artists have a way of making the simplest line mean so much.

This beautiful pencil sketch is a great example of how much emotion and feeling can be achived with the skillful use of line.

There is a real sense of movement, flow and weight. One can sense the effort to move the ski.  The weight running through the shoulders and the spine. The force needed in the hand on the ski pole. Yet this is only some pencil marks on paper...

We know that marks on paper can evoke so much emotion. Design isn't just about pretty pictures, its about conveying a message in a specific tone of voice. At PE Creative pride ourselves on never loosing touch with this simplicity. Yes our ideas may sometimes require complexity, but we will never loose touch with our love of simplicity and pure design.

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Eckoh Award Win and Other Animals

PE Creative customer Eckoh Plc won a very special accolade yesterday - the PCI Prove IT Award for its PCI compliency services alongside Allpay. Eckoh have a fine pedigree in secure payment and are a market leader in the field. The picture shows the Eckoh team receiving thier award at London's Park Plaza Hotel.

At PE Creative we continually strive to help our customers achieve the recognition they deserve. Eckoh are no stranger to awards and we are proud to be their partner whjen it comes to marketing and creative.

In addition to the award, they recently exhibited in New Orleans USA at the Customer Contact Week exhibition. You can see the pop-up stand that we helped to design.

Well done Eckoh  - another feather in your caps!

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Friday, January 19, 2018

Try saying this, three times, really fast..."Mags Worldwide Wonderful Website Wrocks"

After nearly 9 months of development (yes, hard to believe isn't it?) finally one of our most treasured clients' Mags Shaw has approved her new 'baby' to go live. And we agree it was well worth waiting for...

Mag's has been a valued customer since she started her business - and before that a good friend too. It has been a real pleasure to help her and her team to develop this new site.

As is always important with web sites, the new site is responsive and works across all mediums. The site is also fully editable having been developed in Wordpress. So Mags and her team can fully edit the site as and when needed.

You can visit the live site here

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