Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Are You Cut out for Marriage?

CPB chairman Jon Pritchett had a problem…

He and his wife Helen were invited to a friends wedding last week.  Unfortunately Helen had already pre-booked to go to Barbados with friends, something she could not ‘get out of’.

But Jon did not want to go alone - or at least appear in the photos alone. The simple solution (apart from post production photoshop retouching!) Why not take a life size cut out of Helen with him?!

So that is exactly what we did - from a small photo we created a life size full colour digital print of Helen onto light weight foamex  - Jon simply carried 'her' around with him so that Helen could appear in all the relevant wedding photos…

The photos show Jo with ‘Helen’ prior to and after cutting out as well as Jon and ‘Helen’ at the wedding - it just look so real!

Jon comments “Worked well - incredible. Fooled a lot of people”.

If you have a problem you need fixed, you know who too call, just give us a shout on 01332 291141 and we will gladly help you if we can!


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