Thursday, May 28, 2015

Pss...Don't tell anyone - this is work in progress

Old site
We are working on a lovely project for one of our favourite clients...PSS Help.

PSS are a fast moving and growing Telco / Call Center  / IVR service providers.

A range of unique products and services have led to rapid growth for this US based company. We initially engaged with them around 4 years ago when we were asked to develop some simple sales support graphics. It seems these have helped them to grow over the last few years and we are now working with them on a number of projects including a new website, product and services literature, PowerPoint proposals and additional graphics.

New far
PSS has no central office as such and operates in a virtual sense. This helps them to offer rapid deployment of services globally and extreme value for money.

The new website is being developed in Wordpress in order to allow PSS staff to have full control over the content.

If you need to re-brand or even upgrade your organisations look then please call us on 01332 291141

An International Flavour for CWU in 3 days...

Speed is often of the essence for many clients and CWU are no stranger to demanding design and print virtually next day...

This design for CWU International Conference 2015 was deigned, artworked and printed within 3 working days. Pretty fast even for us...

The design was also used on poster and flyers at the event.

If you have an urgent request and have no place left to go...give us a try!

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Is it a photocopier? Is it a printer? No, its a complete managed print solution!

Old Site
We first spoke to Copyrite Systems at the end of 2014. Their (old) website was almost 100% focused on photocopier products. If you want a photocopier in the North West of the UK,  then Copyrite are your 'go to' people...

However, Copyrite do so much more than just sell you a photocopier. What they actually offer is a complete managed print solution, from audit to installation, from start-up to support and maintenance, peripherals and supplies...But viewing their old website, you'd never have guessed just how much in-depth knowledge and professional advice Copyrite offer.

So, it was our job to help re-position the brand as a high end Managed Print Solutions (MPS) company. To achieve this we devised a new 'strapline', philosophy and website.

The new strapline "Passionate about Managed Print" a statement which leaves nothing to the imagination. It is what they do.

We also devised a brand new website to be launched in June 2015. The new site highlights this MPS remit. A comparison between the two shows just how much the company image has improved visually as well as telling the story.

We look forward to the launch of the new site!
New site

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Bright Cloud moves closer to Open Reality

New BC site
Old OR Site
You could be forgiven for thinking that this is the title of a science fiction novel by Philip K Dick or Issac Asimov...but you'd be wrong!

It is in fact the brief given by Bright Cloud to:

"make their website look more like the Open Reality site, but don't spend too much money doing it"

A feat I think we have achieved rather well!  After all we did design the Open Reality website in 2013...and the new Bright Cloud site is based on the same Wordpress theme. The new site will be launched in June.

If you want a new website or even an update to an old one - then please give us a call now on 01332 291141 and we will be happy to advise.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Its Health and Safety Gone Mad...!

Actually, its just a range of posters we created for the Commercial Workers Union (CWU).

We were proud to be asked to come up with a poster to promote the 2015 CWU Workers Memorial Day.  Newly elected CWU General Secretary Dave Ward was delighted when we presented three concepts. He liked them so much that we were asked to do all three!

Printed at A3 size these eye catching posters illustrate how the same information can be presented in three completely different ways.

If you have an event that need promoting and need some help with your posters or promotion, then give us a call on 01332 291141 and we will be happy to help.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Banksy the Lizard

This cute little fella appears every night on the balcony at my apartment in Spain. I named him Banksy because he looks 'too real'
in a visual trompe l'oeil kind of way. Anyway, I just love the contrast of green, white and orange.