Thursday, May 28, 2015

Pss...Don't tell anyone - this is work in progress

Old site
We are working on a lovely project for one of our favourite clients...PSS Help.

PSS are a fast moving and growing Telco / Call Center  / IVR service providers.

A range of unique products and services have led to rapid growth for this US based company. We initially engaged with them around 4 years ago when we were asked to develop some simple sales support graphics. It seems these have helped them to grow over the last few years and we are now working with them on a number of projects including a new website, product and services literature, PowerPoint proposals and additional graphics.

New far
PSS has no central office as such and operates in a virtual sense. This helps them to offer rapid deployment of services globally and extreme value for money.

The new website is being developed in Wordpress in order to allow PSS staff to have full control over the content.

If you need to re-brand or even upgrade your organisations look then please call us on 01332 291141

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