Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Day Two of For One Week Only...

Today I learned the importance of importance of saving-as-you-go.

My work today has been to create a sitemap for the new website I was also working on yesterday. This has taken most of the day due to the fiddly nature of ensuring all content is included and in the right place.

Of course, I finally came to save it and the program decides to crash with nothing to show for several hours work. After much muttering, I began re-doing the work I had lost.

Despite my annoyance at modern technology (or rather my incompetence with it it seems) I eventually got the sitemap to an acceptable standard.

I also did a first draft of the copy for the home page of the website earlier, when I was more confident in my ability to finish and save on time!

All in all though, I have learned some useful skills today and even more about the world of design and marketing.

May my experience be a lesson to us all!

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