Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday 13th...

The 'copy and paste claw'.
Unlucky for some, and depending on how they view it, the team are unlucky enough to be losing my company today as Friday 13th marks the end of my week at Parkhouse Evans.

This morning I kicked off my last day by coming up with some image ideas, and copy to accompany, for an e-shot.

I then spent a large chunk of the day 'metadating'. If you're familiar with the process you'll know it's quite monotonous. If you're not, it's the procedure of adding 'metadata', in this case keywords, to the images we have on file so that they can be found and used more easily.

As I added keywords to over 500 images today I started to develop what I have decided to call the 'copy and paste claw' from copying shutter stock keywords on to the database.

I am one of those people who actually rather enjoy having a job to sink my teeth into. So although this job was rather repetitive, I found it satisfying at the end of the day to have made a sizable dent in the images that need processing.

It is also useful to see what routine, perhaps less exciting, jobs need doing in marketing alongside the glitz of design. 'Metadating' does essentially make design work easier in the long run.

As it's the end of my week here I now pass the blog back over to the team who will continue to update you on the goings on in the studio and ways they can help you and your business.

I have enjoyed my time here and I hope those who have read my blog posts have found them somewhat interesting!

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