Friday, August 21, 2015

Tic-Toc Time for Eventing

A horse called Tic Toc is becoming a regular competitor on the eventing circuit and we were asked by her owner to develop a brand logo which could be used to promote both her and Tic Toc.

'Tic Toc Eventing' is the result - there were some very specific requirements - as with all logos...but in this case specific meant that the logo had to suitable for 'brushing' into Tic-tocs hair. Its a first for us - making the logo appear on a horses backside (or hindquarters as is the polite description!)

Brushing requires a template mask to be fixed to the horses body and the hair is then simply brushed up to create a 'live' logo effect. Some owners evenuse hairspray to keep the logo in place - its a high tech world...

In any event, the result look great and both horse and owner are regulars and the logo is now being recognised and commented upon within the equestrian circuit.

If you have any branding requirements, you can count on us to deliver - even if its for an unusual end use - just call us on 01332 29114 to discuss and we will be happy to help.

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