Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Meeting an Olympic Gold Medalist

It is often surreal to meet someone who has reached the pinnacle of their careers. They seem so much more human and fallible not to mention smaller than anticipated.

There are a few exceptions (I once played golf with Sir Henry Cooper for a week and and he was huge!).

But last week in Austria on the Penken side of Mayerhofen I was lucky enough to meet Anna Fenninger-Vieth, the Olympic gold and silver medalist and Nicole Hosp her Austrian teammate and multiple
winner on the FIS tour.

Not only is Fenninger a superb athlete but also has a real charisma. Seeing her attach the Super G downhill course with no apparent fear traveling at 70mph is something to behold up close. It is simply amazing how she edges the skis.

To see Anna's Olympic run watch here

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