Friday, December 02, 2016

Whoops there goes another rubber tree...

In the last century, in December 1988 to be precise, Parkhouse Evans moved to Sycamore Avenue in Allestree (some of you will have visited "The Radius",  a 30' semi circular extension built onto the back of the house, which served as the studio before we moved to Green Lane).

Well back then our new neighbour Nigel Yockney came over with a small gift, namely a small rubber plant - around 2' tall. Well, as you can see that very plant is now some 6' tall and STILL thriving in 2016!

The plant lives in our rear reception area, which has just been refurbished and now has a home to be proud of!

A 28 year old rubber plant - its about time we gave it a name - maybe Nigel, or Yockkers, or Stretch - your ideas by email please!!!

1 comment:

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