Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Connect - how to create loyalty and create new business

The Connect Review is a yearly design competition aimed at printers and designers in order to secure sales of paper and board.

Parkhouse Evans were asked to refresh the Review in 2002. We took the event form a mundane 'me too' vehicle to a 'must have' part of every designers folio.

The Review showcase creative design and as such had to reflect these values. We developed a focus for the event in the form of a location and awards evening. The first one was held at the London Zoo. Such was the success of the event, we got a little more adventurous. The following year we took the Review to Monte Carlo, then Spain, then Iceland then Gleneagles.

Client retention was 100% and year on year growth was sustained at around 9%. It was the case that once a part of the event a client entered every year, without exception.

The Review has become an industry event which is not to be missed - it reinforces prestige and recognition for all participants.

To secure your next promotion and to find out how to generate and retain customer loyalty, call us now on 01332 291141.

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