Thursday, July 11, 2013

Responsive websites are the way forward

If a customer visits your website we believe that they should gain the most from this experience. At Parkhouse Evans we are keen to help our clients make the most of mobile technology, be that pad, laptop or smartphone, when you have your new site designed by us, you can be sure that it will work across all new mediums.

When we started looking at mobile sites, we wondered why clients should have two sites (one for mobile and one for standard browsers) it seems like way too much to have to manage. We thought, why not have a single site that detects a browser type and automatically adapts to this. The result is a site that only needs to be edited once - so no need for multiple sites.

Our customer Barrachd came to us wanting a new site. Once which met a very rigorous set of criteria. A site that would be a foundation for their next tier of growth. With the help of Mark Sampson and our creative input we have built a site that is functional, clean, responsive and more importantly sets Barrachd apart from its competitors.

To see the live site please visit it here

Or if you have a website issue or want to move towards a cloud solution then please give us a call on 01332 291141. We can help you reach a greater market and also enjoy the benefits a responsive web site can bring.

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