Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How RSA Roared...

When Arrow ECS Marketing asked us for a newsletter that would really create a big noise, we took her quite literally.

This clever direct mail newsletter contains a cunning hidden sound chip which, when opened plays the sound of a V8 engine starting up and revving!

"We wanted a memorable and quirky direct mail piece to send to a very specific number of RSA partners and we wanted to create an impact" commented Maria Ferrara, Arrow ECS Marketing Manager for RSA. "Parkhouse Evans came up with this unique sized DM piece and we have enjoyed a really good response from our customers".

Developing this DM piece involved a number of factors - as well as a specific budget. We were pleased to deliver a memorable piece, which has great recall value.

If you have a need to attract or communicate to existing customers in a clever and entertaining way then why not give us a call on 01332 291141 and we will be happy to help...

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