Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How high is your IQ?

Around 1995 I came up with the name "Centiq" and offered it to Taurus Infomatics in 2003 as a better sounding company name (I had already purchased the domain name because I felt it had some 'legs'). 10 years on and Centiq is still going strong and from strength to strength.  A key IBM partner Centiq have won several IBM awards for service, as well as becoming one of the Times Technology Top 100 companies.

All because of the name...!!!

Seriously though, Glyn, Gareth and the Team have worked hard to build the company and Parkhouse Evans have been with them all along the way. It is great fun working with this dynamic team and we enjoy the projects and challenges they bring.

Recently we helped them to develop the 'IQ' range of services - Analytiq, Monitiq, Optiq, Techniq and Systemiq. These services have all been branded to give a strong foundation to the Centiq service offering. As you can see the datasheets work well as a family and each compliment the other.

Alongside these datasheets there will be a company wallet and web branding to follow.

Unlike some competitors Centiq value the benefits printed collateral can bring - so these are printed onto a high quality FSC coated silk stock - so they not only look good but they also feel beautiful to the touch.

If your company could benefit from a refresh, or if you want to talk about the benefits of print, then why not contact us on 01332 29114 and we can discuss your needs.

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