Friday, August 29, 2014

Java Joe Rescues Old Trusty

Trusty in bits
You know that sinking feeling you get when something critical fails to work...the car won't start, the key won't turn in the lock, the phone has no signal, the wifi goes down. You know what I mean right?

Well, this week our trusty LaCie 500Gb drive failed to boot up. It's been a powerful and reliable workhorse for around 5 years now. Always there and ready to serve up one of over a 100 million pixels - 'old trusty' was her nickname. Sadly on Tuesday "Trusty" coughed her last byte sized rattle, an ex drive if you will.

Now I know what you are thinking, just restore all the data from our backups - easy yes? It is certainly possible but would entail hours of time to locate and collate the files. Luckily we had a backup from earlier in the year so no work lost - we restored the critical info within a day. However, there was around 350 image files which we had not backed up. These are easy to restore but would take hours - each being a download from various websites - slow and not much fun.

Magic Joe
What to do?

I called my pal Joe who has some nifty kit that could possibly bring Trusty back to life - it was a last resort and one that we didn't hold out much hope for. However, last night I got a text from him saying that the drive had mounted and what did I need to restore? Joy, happiness, elation, relief. All rolled into one!

So today, I spent a relaxing morning restoring files and drinking Joe's fine Italian coffee - back to the studio by 11:30 and files all restored by 2:30 - nice one!

So thanks to Joe and his magic box of tricks - if you want any IT work or programming then Joe is your man - just mail me if you want him to help and I'll pass on his details.

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