Saturday, February 28, 2015

Marketing and money opportunities behind 'Dressgate'

Blue/Black or White/Gold?
If you've been on social media recently, or even watched the news, you've most likely seen the photo of a dress that has had the world talking.

Debates sparked up globally when some swore that the dress was white with gold lace and others claimed it was blue with black lace.

However tedious the debate, the virality of the image has created marketing opportunities.

Sites such as BuzzFeed will have gained thousands of hits from reporting the controversy which will in turn, have created views for online advertisers on the site.

Companies including Denny's in America have got in on the joke on their social media sites and consequently will have boosted their social media marketing outreach and brand equity.

The makers of the dress (which is proven to be blue) have now made orders for the same design to be produced in white and gold and expect to have an increase in sales.

ACLU National even used the image next to the statement 'We all see the world differently. We should not be discriminated against because of our beliefs.' Surely a bit of a reach.

Whether you think it's jumping on the bandwagon or keeping on top of current affairs, there's money to be made in the ridiculous viral trends social media spits out from time to time.

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