Tuesday, May 10, 2016

That's life...get over it!

So today I was down in Cheshunt with Rob, Tina and Lou...delivering some web training. We had a really good session and they can now add posts, news stories, edit pages, add images (and scale them) plus create new case study and portfolio items.

Just about everything you'd need to do to keep a website up to date. But why the £20 note you ask? Well I forgot my wallet and had to borrow some cash off Rob to be able to buy fuel to get home!  So thanks Rob, the pay back is in the post...
I was impressed by how quickly the girls took to the interface. It can be daunting but like anything it just takes practice and enthusiasm to get to grips with. You can visit the new site here and if you need a new website then please give us a call on
01332 291142 and we'll be happy to help. I'll even drive over for twenty quid!!

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