Thursday, November 03, 2016

Sweet FA

The FA have not really been having much good press recently, what with mentions of bungs and no poppys allowed on players.

Westfield saw an opportunity to help them to improve their image with offering team fans the chance to monitor their health. The concept being to engage every team in the UK and to develop a program to encourage their fan base to get fitter.

We can see a national league of health - which team has the fittest fans!

To help sell this concept into the FA, we helped Westfield Health by develop this engaging communication piece. Entitled "Match Fit Fan Fit" this quirky mailer is football shaped and 'fans' open to reveal a compelling message about the benefits of taking part.

Only four initial visuals were created by hand and we understand that some of them are now in the headquarters of the FA...under consideration. If this project goes ahead it could be replicated in specific team colours and branded to each team/division etc. A very exciting and worthwhile program could be underway.

If you need some concept work or an idea developing, why not let PE Creative help you to make it a reality. Just call us on 01332 291141 for a chat and we can discuss your needs.

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