Monday, November 14, 2016

Who likes Top Tens?

If like me, you are a top ten addict, then you may enjoy this post...just when you thought the internet couldn't get much worse here we go with a run down of the top ten most HATED people on the planet...(according to a poll on one website).

Please note that these are not opinions necessarily shared by us at PE - we are merely reporting!

10 - Coming in at a strong number ten is George W Bush. "GW didn't create the mess we're in today; he just exacerbated it..." Surely, you say there are worse people than him. Well, yes. There are...apparently.

9 - Miley Cyrus - "She is so annoying and nobody actually thinks that she is a good singer. She tries to raise her fame by making out with pretty much everyone she finds available!" Annoying maybe but hated?

8 - Kim Kardashian - and I quote: "I hate her and really do not see why the media likes her so much. she is just a daughter of a rich guy who made a porn tape?" You really gotta love these points of view!

7 - Kanye West - again, how can this chap be so disliked: Comments include "He has little to no talent yet has the confidence to call his latest album 'the best album ever made". How can an entertainer be so disliked?

6 - Barack Obama - "Obama is not the end of America, he is the beginning of the end"  - really?

5 - Marian Rivera - no idea who she is - but presumably someone from the US of A.

4 - Joseph Stalin - "his red terror campaign, great purge and the infamous gulag death camps have killed millions of people" - Now this is understandable and I can see why he is on the list.

3 - Osama Bin Laden - predictably makes the top three.

2 - Adolf Hitler - "This man was the most terribly evil person ever in history. And probably will be for hundreds if not thousands of years" Enough said...

and in the number one place - would you believe its none other than the one and only:-

1 - Justin Bieber - One commenter says: ""I just keep on laughing every time I see Justin Bieber as no. 1 on the "worst" and "most hated" lists. He is REALLY BAD, LoL."

Tragic and funny though this list is, it really does tell you all a lot about people and polls - we have seen some bizarre results from recent polls. For example who'd have believed a year ago that Donald Trump would be President elect and that the UK would no longer be part of the European Union?

In essence, can we ever really believe a POLL. Just because someone has written it on a web page does not make it so, but its human nature to believe what we read when it appears 'official'. And did you know that cats can actually smell colour?

To see the actual top ten visit here

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