Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Sitting down on the job

I am lucky enough to be able to ski quite a lot each season. It is something that customers have become accustomed to and the studio Team have become supremely talented at managing projects during this time. I manage to still oversee most of the essential creative work thanks to the wonders of the interweb...!

Anyway, in March
I helped to test a new sitski. This is a device that allows people with spinal or other issues that affect their lower body to experience skiing. You may have seen athletes on the Winter Olympics using a sit ski - exciting stuff indeed!

This particular model is a bi-ski, meaning it has two skis (single ski versions are also available). In the first instance a user will be 'tethered' by an instructor. (you can see the reigns in the photo) This ensures that a beginner can control speed and descent. In my case this was very neccessary!

Sara Jones, an elite adaptive instructor of Alpine Freedom and the SkiCheck academy was kind enough to be the tether on this occasion, giving me guidance on how to use the outriggers (arm extensions with mini skis on the ends - these can be used in 'walk' or 'ski' mode by releasing a cord). The outriggers allow the skier to change direction and aid in balance too.

In the video you can see how I am using my body along with the outriggers to make changes in direction.

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