Thursday, July 02, 2015

Born in the USA

US based PSS have a range of products which are designed to help call centers to maximise their efficiency and the extend the lifespan of their systems. When they asked us to help them to devise a graphic panel for an event in the US we were willing and able to help.

This eyecatching graphic showcases PSS's desktop solutions. The idea being that no matter what you need in your call center desktop, be that call information, social media data, external colleague information, or any other form of digital expertise, then the PSS desktop solution can deliver - all direct to your desktop and without changing your legacy system.

The stand was designed and artworked over just two days and the digital artwork was sent to the US for output. Not quite a record but superfast by any standard...

A follow up email was produced which was branded in the same style and sent to attendees, joining up the whole process.

If you have a proposition or would like to see how we can help you to develop your message, then give us a call on 01332 291141. Like PSS, we'd love to help...

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