Friday, July 03, 2015

Unsubscribe Madness - the digital grudge...

Recently I attempted to unsubscribe from a particularly well know golf resorts' mailing list.  In a nutshell, they were continually sending me emails. Now there is nothing wrong with this if there are one or two emails per season, but not one EVERY week....I presumably once subscribed (most likely by default or by accident when I stayed at the venue). So it is my own fault really.  But if this venue really wanted me to visit again a letter would have been far more civilised and I may even have read it.

So, today I decided it was about time I unsubscribed. Easy, just click on the unsubscribe link.  Oh yes...

Oh no....not so easy.

First, I had to wade through the 'we are sorry to see you go, please come back' desperation.

Then once this was "agreed" I had to fill in my PERSONAL details and explain why I wished to unsubscribe. These were mandatory fields so there was no choice but to do so.

Once I had done this I was then prompted to "rethink my decision". Seriously, what do these people think?!

Once I had agreed that I had indeed thought out my decision I was then taken to a page on their site requesting me to "Sign up to their email bulletins"!

By this time I was getting annoyed. Maybe its just me or maybe its a generational thing, but I come from a generation who, when they want to shut down their computer, actually want to shut it down and not be asked "are you sure you want to shut down your computer".

Anyhoo, the upshot is, I am now, for almost no rational reason at all in the great scheme of things, totally biased towards this venue and will forever hold a 'digital' grudge against them.

The moral is: KISS - keep it simple, stupid...! Let people go but do it in a nice way that may makes them possibly want to change their minds. After all, a database is only as good as the people who actually need your services. Why have anyone else on it?

If you want to know about database profiling talk to our friends at CPB who will help you to develop a real mailing list. After all, some people will always hold a digital grudge!

If you have you ever had any annoying experiences of this kind, resulting in an irrational anger then please do let us know!

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