Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Best Website in the World

We love minimalism...and apparently so do the 36 million users of Reddit.

When asked to vote for the top website designs of all time, coming in at number 14 was this site:

When I visited,  I could not help but laugh, literally out loud. Apart from the satirical perspective it actually does cover a wide range of issues that are slowly going to clog up the internet. Increased bandwidth does not mean that sites should become bigger. (I refer to code/image size here and not necessarily the number of pages your site has).

Its about efficient use of real estate and clever use of code. For as anyone who has a Wordpress site will know - a PHP database never gets any smaller and the site will become slower and slower. Fact. But Wordpress is not the only guilty party, many sites encourage users to 'add photos' regardless of image size. Its as if nobody cares about site agility, loading time or user experience.

So what can we do about it?

Well, until people realise that nobody actually cares about whistles and bells, meaningless roll overs, pointless videos and unwieldy content then there is no hope.  Ultimately, it all boils down to one thing: relevant content, displayed in an easy to access way across multiple devices.

If you cannot tell someone about what you do in sixty seconds then what you are doing is too complicated. On line you maybe get 7 seconds to make an impact. Not long. So if someone has to wait for the animation to start then you may have lost the prospect already...

For a good example of brevity, visit our brand new website here, (which was going to be temporary but now I am having second thoughts...) what do you think, please let me know on 01332 29114 or email us at:


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