Wednesday, January 06, 2016

All good things come to an end

It is with fondness that in 2015 we bade farewell to BBC's Downtown Abbey...

But that is not all we say goodbye to in 2015. We will also wave goodbye to the 'old' Parkhouse Evans logo - we will be introducing our new corporate identity during early 2016.

The old ID has served us well for nearly 10 years but it is now time to more on to pastures new. So, we are currently building a new website, we already have new stationery and business cards. Its all very exciting...

If you received our Christmas card last year you will have been given a sneak preview of our new logo (on the back page). It has been designed to reflect the digital nature of our work. We can use it in any colour and with any ident, reversed out or in keyline - truly flexible, truly digital.

Talking of the cards, take a look at a small selection of our new business cards - these are made using a beautiful 100% cotton rich stock, with a special colour sandwiched between the white outer. You'll be given a massive selection of cards to choose from - just pick your favorite! They really do look and feel ultra cool...

We really do love what we do here...and we want to help you to get the best from new technology and creative opportunities. Call us now on 01332 92114 to find out how we can help you.


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