Friday, January 26, 2018

Kitzbuhel Krazy

Last weekend I was in Kitzbuhel for the FIS Audi Men's Downhill event. This is the skiing equivilant of the Masters Golf tournement.  The race is held on the infamous Strief course and is known locally as the Hahnenkamm-Rennen. Hahnenkamm literally translates as roosters comb primarily due to its multiple curves and shapes across the mountain terrain.

Many have tried but not many have won. The legendary Franz 'The Kaiser' Klammer is perhaps the most famous winner with four titles to his name. In recent years Didier "the Butcher" Cuche made it to three. With other winners inclusing Alberto "Tomba the Bomba' Tomba and Hermann 'The Herminator' Mayer.

This year we were all expecting a win by favorites Axle Lund Svindall, Beat Fuez or Dominic Paris. Usually the race is won by anyone wearing bibs 1 to 12...however a suprise winner was bib number 19, Germany's Thomas Dressen. You can see his amazing run on Youtube here:

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