Friday, January 26, 2018

When a line means so much more...

Some artists have a way of making the simplest line mean so much.

This beautiful pencil sketch is a great example of how much emotion and feeling can be achived with the skillful use of line.

There is a real sense of movement, flow and weight. One can sense the effort to move the ski.  The weight running through the shoulders and the spine. The force needed in the hand on the ski pole. Yet this is only some pencil marks on paper...

We know that marks on paper can evoke so much emotion. Design isn't just about pretty pictures, its about conveying a message in a specific tone of voice. At PE Creative pride ourselves on never loosing touch with this simplicity. Yes our ideas may sometimes require complexity, but we will never loose touch with our love of simplicity and pure design.

Give us a call if you want to simplify your message or if you have a complex proposal that needs an elevator pitch...we are the experts:  01332 2911451

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