Monday, January 08, 2018

Scoffield Stone - from 'Funeral Parlour' to Estate Agents

We surveyed a number of 'people in the street' about a logo which clients' Our House had inherited from a recent buy out.

As you can see, Scoffield Stone had a very old school 1970's look and feel. In fact, out of the random  people we asked, no fewer than 20% of them felt it looked like a funeral directors. Were it not for the fact that there was a caption saying "estate agent" then this was the consensus. We know what they mean. The old logo in its black and gold certainly evokes a feeling of victoriana gothic, combine this with an old style typeface and you are left with a rather 'dark' looking brand.

So we knew we needed to make it look contemporary, yet retain the black and gold colours (at the clients' request).

After exploring a huge variety of options, the clent eventually chose our recommended first design, which as you can see is a vast improvement.

We developed the idea of 'steps' using the letter 'E' to denote subliminal steps up the property ladder. The concept works for both sales and lettings. We wanted to evoke an inspirational path to home ownership.

The brand is now being rolled out across shops, for sale and to-
let sign boards, datasheets, website and advertising.

Paul Morris, director of Scoffield Stone commented "we are really pleased with the new design and look forward to doing business under this new banner in the years to come".

Paul, with your enthusiasm and knowledge, we are sure you will be even more successful!

If your business could do with an exciting and fresh new look then give us a call on 01332 291141 and we will be happy to help.

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