Friday, January 19, 2018

Try saying this, three times, really fast..."Mags Worldwide Wonderful Website Wrocks"

After nearly 9 months of development (yes, hard to believe isn't it?) finally one of our most treasured clients' Mags Shaw has approved her new 'baby' to go live. And we agree it was well worth waiting for...

Mag's has been a valued customer since she started her business - and before that a good friend too. It has been a real pleasure to help her and her team to develop this new site.

As is always important with web sites, the new site is responsive and works across all mediums. The site is also fully editable having been developed in Wordpress. So Mags and her team can fully edit the site as and when needed.

You can visit the live site here

If your website needs a refresh or even if you just wish to discuss the latest technology or any other web based issues then please give us a call on 01332 291141. We have an in-depth knowledge of numerous platforms and back end issues. Feel free to call...

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