Friday, December 07, 2018

Getting Back To Basics

I was recently inspired to get back into sketching. Here at the studio we use computers nearly all the time, as such we are somewhat removed from the hand to paper aspect of creativity. In short, I was missing the feel of pen on paper!

As many of you know I often ski guide during the Winter season (as well as occasionally instructing) so it was an obvious choice really -  to do a sketch each day based on something I had seen or photographed during the day. The discipline being, that no sketch could take more than 30 minutes to complete and I was not allowed a second chance..!

So out to Derby I went to purchase some pens and a sketch pad.

After 5 days of skiing on the Hintertux glacier these are the first set of results - a mixed bag I think. The style was getting better as I 'got back into it'.

From the top:
Sara carving with good angles
View from the top of the Tuxerjoch chair
View from top of the Larmstang lift
Little girl vs Krampus (scary but real!)
View of the Marmot chair

I am sure that by the end of the season I should have an ever improving set of around 60-70 sketches, or 'skietches' as I have decided to call them!

I know the team here at PE Creative are all capable of drawing, we all have our own styles so if you want anything drawing or indeed painting then please feel free to call us on 01332 291141 and we will be delighted to help...

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