Friday, December 07, 2018

Its not just about us is it..?!!!

I know we all like to blow our own trumpets from time to time, but sometimes our business 'rivals' deserve a mention too!!!

This is David and Denise Leatt of Three Sixty Media who are good friends of mine. The photo shows them being presented with one of five cups for their golfing triumphs at Kedleston Park this season by the Lady Captain and Captain.

We often play golf together and I am delighted that they did so well. Denise, having taken up golf only three years ago has improved coming down from the mid thirties to 25 and David who has managed to get his handicap down to 6 this season, (no mean feat given that he only plays about 6 times a week!)

Well done you two, lets hope that 2019 brings you more second places..!!!


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